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Once again, the annual two-day Girlfriend’s Retreat was a sold out event that brought women together for an empowering and inspirational weekend.

During the last weekend of September, women gathered together at the Westin Hotel resort in Frisco, Texas. Traveling from all over the country, attendees convened as they exchanged warm embraces. Countless hugs were shared amongst those returning, and enthusiastic greetings occurred between those who were meeting each other for the first time. 

With the retreat starting off with pampering from head to toe, these women knew they were about to be apart of an experience of a lifetime. The retreat officially commenced with an opening message at the special Pajama Party Dinner from Pat Smith, Founder and CEO of Treasure You, who greeted everyone with great zeal. She introduced Treasure You and the organizations purpose of being an organization that supports and encourages women empowerment and self worth. [Insert quote from Pat]

Along with Pat, a number of speakers, facilitators, and special guests such as Cathy Moffit, Pamela Owens, Cheryl LaMastra, Xernona Clayton, spiritual workout leader Donna Richardson, and celebrity chef Tiffany Derry provided spiritual testimonies and speeches full of hope, inspiration, and life lessons throughout the night. 

After an eventful evening, the retreat attendees started the next morning off right with a spiritual workout session led by Donna Richardson. As usual, the workout session was a highlight for many attendees. Several women enjoyed how “Donna incorporates the Lord into a workout. She makes the mundane task of exercise into an energetic and upbeat activity!”

Before heading back to reality, the women attended the Treasure You Luncheon where Gospel recording artist Vicki Yohe accompanied them by leading an afternoon full of worship and praise. “ The feeling of worshiping with a large group of women who became my girlfriends overnight was unbelievable. Every woman in that room felt love and encouragement from one another.”

The mission of the Treasure You team was accomplished as they read the comments from the attendees after the event.  The goal was for each woman to walk away changed. To know and feel the unwavering love of God while coming together as girlfriends no matter who you are, where you come from, or what situation you are in to support each other and follow your dreams and accomplish your goals.

Even Treasure You reached one of their goals to sponsor more women for the retreat than the year before. The organization raised enough money to award scholarships to fully cover 30 attendees. Over the summer, almost 40 women sent in applications to be sponsored for the upcoming event, and Treasure You was able to provided funds for 85 percent of the applicants; but it did not stop there. As the fall approached, Treasure You teamed up with WFAA - Dallas/Fort Worth News to provide scholarships to cover all costs for an additional four women. The WFAA scholarship initially started off with only one award recipient, but this quickly changed. After reviewing the applications, WFAA brought applicants on air and surprised an additional three women with full retreat scholarships. 

Treasure You was able to host the retreat to a sold out crowd full of women from all walks of life. By bringing so many women together for such a liberating experience, lives were changed forever.

“Thank you so much for this life changing experience. I can’t even begin to find words to say how grateful I am to have been chosen to be apart of such an amazing experience. Because of God, you all, and Treasure You, I feel as though I can follow through with anything.”

“Thanks for giving me wings…”

“I can’t express how thankful I am for this weekend. My life and journey have taken new meaning and new direction. I‘m just thrilled how God is working and changing my life.”

The impact of the Treasure You Girlfriend’s Retreat would not be possible without the help of those who volunteered their time and energy as well as the businesses who contributed to the event by donating their services and products. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to McKinney Buick GMC, The Westin Stonebriar Hotel, Women of Faith, Treska Jewelry, Brenda Lauderbach and Sleep Number, FAITH Jewelry, Uhi Hawaii, Gregory's, IBB Design and Fine Furnishings, Rain Cosmetics, Hail Merry, Tiffany Derry - Private Social, Hattie Hill Enterprises, Jan Miller - Dupree Miller, Sue Gragg Precious Jewels, Susan Bellson Photography, Bonnie Ruth's Trattoria, The Grand Spa, Glamour RX,  Crumbs by Elle, The Trocchio Advantage LLC, Michele Williams, The Addison Dentist, Lynette Thiesen, Crave Magazine, Promotions 'N Motion, Libby Watkins, Inspire Brilliance, Soul Purpose, Chocolate Secrets and Pam Eudaric-Amari, Donna Richardson Joyner, Pamela Hines, The RealReal, The Quintess Collection, Carla Shellis, Wanda Holmes, Big Lots, Hershey's Bliss, Shane Walker Designs, and McAlister's Deli, and to all the volunteers for making this event an unforgettable one. Read more
SEPTEMBER 28-29, 2012
An Experience for Christian Girlfriends hosted by Pat Smith
Westin Stonebriar Hotel, Frisco, Texas